luxyblacklimo offers a range of luxury vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and limousines, as well as executive protection services. Our trained guards provide security for clients who require it, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation.

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High Quality Road Show transportation Service

At Luxy Black Limo we have provided unparalleled Roadshow transportation services that are tailored specifically to meet our client’s demands and needs. We have a dedicated Roadshow department of professionals who plan, implement, manage, and provide solutions for all your requirements. Elegant Touch Limos accommodates multi-city road shows, meeting the challenges of ever-changing logistics and rigorous schedules. Our comprehensive network of national and international affiliates are companies who share the same industry knowledge, values, and highest level of quality. We provide extensive support, superior services and unwavering commitment from beginning to end.

Luxy Black Limo has a wide range of vehicles to accommodate your needs. You can bring your entire department in a luxury car service for corporate events. We’re ready to handle all of your corporate transportation needs. For a free quote on our services or to make a reservation, contact us today +1 (888) 881 9795


Our team are highly experienced in RoadShow Car Service. We work closely with you on all scheduling matters, so that every aspect of the event is executed perfectly.

  • Affordable and Reliable, best price in town
  • Flight Tracking software to ensure wait-free, on-time service
  • Our professional experienced drivers will always arrive on-time
  • Meet and greet at gate or baggage claim for baggage assist
  • Highest standards of safety and discretion