luxyblacklimo offers a range of luxury vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and limousines, as well as executive protection services. Our trained guards provide security for clients who require it, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation.

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Private Armed Security for Personal Protection In Boston and NYC

Are You Looking for Private Security Guard Services?

Luxy Black Limo offers executive protection services for top-tier business executives and diplomats seeking professionally trained security transportation.

Whether it is a trip from the airport, or to the office, presentation or event, Luxy Black Limo has the skills and resources to move you safely, securely and conveniently.

We understand that many clients want personal protection that does not impede their ability to conduct business while on the go. Our experienced and well-trained security operators provide top-quality executive protection services and personal security that is safe, secure, and above all, frictionless.

We are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients, and even provide executive protection or bodyguard services when necessary. Upon request.



  • Affordable and Reliable, best price in town
  • Flight Tracking software to ensure wait-free, on-time service
  • Our professional experienced drivers will always arrive on-time
  • Meet and greet at gate or baggage claim for baggage assist
  • Highest standards of safety and discretion